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"Jim is a highly effective and accomplished leader in both marketing and sales. He builds comprehensive and innovative marketing strategies that support corporate growth goals and tie directly to sales outcomes. He expertly guides the development and implementation of integrated marketing communications programs that promote lead generation and show measurable ROI. Jim’s sales acumen is demonstrated in both his abilities to manage client/prospect relationships and to lead a strong sales team with systematic processes and relevant incentive programs. A delightful colleague, he is very focused on mentoring and building a strong corporate culture, working to create a supportive, collaborative and rewarding atmosphere".

Director of Marketing/Brand Strategist 


Jim is one of the most impressive people that I have ever worked with. He has drive that I have only seen in a few. He is innovative, unafraid and consistent. I worked with Jim as a member of a sales team. I also worked for Jim as a member of his sales team. And most recently, I have hired Jim's company to handle major projects for my company. On all counts he has been fantastic.



Jim Campbell hits for power, hits for average, fields, throws and runs--an MVP executive with a shockingly wide skill set. Beyond these Jim has a heart as large as The Grand Canyon. He cares about his teammates and clients, and does everything to foster a working environment where the team enjoys itself, feels valued, and outperforms. This is one unique, superior guy.

Director, Enterprise Solutions

Jim is a valuable partner in business - always going the extra mile to help clients reach their goals. He is a pleasure to work with and a great go-to guy when you need that something extra to bring your work to the next level.”

Director, Procurement


“I have known Jim for a number of years, and during that time he has been a friend, a confidant and an excellent business partner. He is recognized by many as a trusted & knowledgeable professional.”

OOH Advertising Specialist



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